Salesforce Data Security and Access – Part 14 (Manager Groups)

HELLO Salesforce Thinkers, In our previous blog we learned about Salesforce Data Security and Access – Part 13 (Field Level Security). In this blog we are going to learn about “Manager Groups”.

We can enable ‘Manager Groups’ sharing option to share records with the ‘Manager‘ of user defined on the ‘User‘ object.

We can use manager groups to share records with our management chain, instead of all managers in the same role based on the role hierarchy.

With manager groups, we can share records via manual sharing, sharing rules, and Apex managed sharing.

Type of manager groups a user have:

  • Managers Group
  • Manager Subordinates Group

Manager Group includes a user’s direct and indirect managers.

Manager Subordinates Group includes a user and the user’s direct and indirect reports.

How to find out who is a user’s manager?

For this navigate to,

Setup >> enter Users in the Quick Find box >> then select Users.

Click a user’s name.

The Manager field on the user detail page displays the user’s manager.

How to enable users to share records with the manager groups?

Setup >> enter Sharing Settings in the Quick Find box >> select Sharing Settings.

On the Sharing Settings page, click Edit.

In Other Settings, select Manager Groups and then click Save.


  • Manager groups cannot be added to other groups.
  • Manager groups can contain Standard and Chatter Only users and does’t include portal users.
  • We can’t disable manager groups if our organization uses or have any sharing rules that uses manager groups.
  • If our organization has User Sharing enabled, we can’t see the users whom we don’t have access to. Additionally, a querying user who doesn’t have access to another user can’t query that user’s groups.

Thank you for reading, hope the blog is helpful.

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