Global Picklist Value Set in Salesforce

HELLO Salesforce Thinkers, In our previous blog we learned about Salesforce Data Security and Access – Part 14 (Manager Groups). In this blog we are going to learn about “Global Picklist Value Set in Salesforce”.

Global picklist value sets let us share the same picklist values with more than one picklist field. We can use global picklist value sets to share values across objects and custom picklist fields, and to restrict the picklist to only the values that we specify.

Let’s take a example :

A fruit seller have many types of Gift packs where he needs to list fruits, the gift packs have same fruit values. In this situation we can assign the same set of fruit values to more than one gift pack (picklist field).

Global picklist value sets make the work easier as we need same values across more than one picklist, we can use the value set with different picklist fields. Also if we change the values in a global value set, the revised values show up in all the picklists using it.

How To create a Global Picklist Value Set ?

Navigate to Setup >> enter Picklist in the Quick Find box >> select Picklist Value Sets.

Click New to create a value set, Enter a label, name, and description.

Then put all the Picklist values, as one value per line.

Optionally, choose to sort the values alphabetically or to use the first value in the list as the default value, or both.

If we select both options, Salesforce alphabetizes the entries and then sets the first alphabetized value as the default.

Click Save.

How To use the Global Value Set in a Picklist Field?

Navigate to Setup >> Object Manager

Then select the object where you want to create the picklist field.

Click Fields & Relationships.

Click New.

Select Picklist, and then click Next.

Enter the Label.

Use a global value set and then choose the global picklist.

click Next ,

Set field-level security  and Next.

Click Save.

Where the value set is used?

From the global picklist’s detail page we can see all the fields where this value set is used.

Fields Where Used:


A global picklist is a restricted picklist by nature. Only a Salesforce admin can add to or modify its values. Users can’t add unapproved values, even through the API.

We can have up to 500 picklist global value sets in an org. Each global value set, or restricted picklist, can contain a mix of 1,000 active and inactive values. Unrestricted picklists can have up to 1,000 active values.

There’s no limit on the number of custom picklist that use global picklist value sets.

Thank you for reading, hope the blog is helpful.

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