Page Layouts in Salesforce

HELLO Salesforce Thinkers, In our previous blog we learned about Recycle Bin in Salesforce Lightning Experience, In this blog we are going to learn about “Page Layouts in Salesforce”.

Using page layouts, we can customize many things on a given object record page. It controls the layout of an object. It defines which fields the user can view and edit while entering the data in Objects.

Page layouts control the layout and organization of buttons, fields, Visualforce, custom links, and related lists on object record pages.

Using Page layouts we can,

  • Control which fields, lists of related records, and custom links users see.
  • We can customize the order that the fields appear in the Record pages.
  • They also help us to determine which fields are visible, read only, and required.
  • We can control which standard and custom buttons appear on records and related lists.
  • Control which quick actions appear on the page.

We can also control the size of the Visual force pages, and determine whether or not a label and scroll bars display.

How to access Page Layouts in Salesforce?

Navigate to >> setup >> Object Manager >> select the object >> Page layout.

Click on Edit button.

Customize the fields in Record pages:

Drag and drop required fields to the layout, as shown in the below picture.

Click Save.

Create a Page Layout:

Setup >> Object Manager >>select the object >> Page Layouts >> New.

As an option, we can select an existing layout to clone. If we create a page layout without cloning, our page layout will not include the standard sections whose names are translated for our international users.

Select existing layout, Name the new layout >> and click Save.

Drag and drop required fields to the layout.

If you want to make the field read-only or Required.

Click on the wrench icon next to the field and then select read-only or Required checkbox.

Click ok.

Once all the elements are added, click Quick Save and then Preview As, to get a quick view on the layout.

and Save.

We can assign page layouts to different user profiles.

To change page layout assignments >> Click Page Layout Assignment and then click Edit Assignment.

Select Profile and Page layout to use.

Click Save.

Thanks for reading!!!

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