Compact and Mini Page Layouts in Salesforce

HELLO Salesforce Thinkers, In our previous blog we learned about Page Layouts in Salesforce, In this blog we are going to learn about “Compact and Mini Page Layouts in Salesforce”.

Compact Layouts :

Compact layouts are used to display the key fields of a record whenever the minimum required details of the record is needed.

Compact layouts control which fields users see in the highlights panel at the top of a record. It also control the fields that appear in the expanded lookup card that we see when we hover over a link in record details.

Compact layouts also control how records display in the Salesforce mobile app.

We can help our users see what they need on mobile screens to quick recognize the records. With the compact layouts, we can highlight whatever our users need to see at a glance when they look at a record.

We have separate compact layouts for each object.

Create a Compact Layout :

Example : In this case we will create a compact layout for the Contact object.

Navigate to –

Setup >> Object Manager >> Select the object(Contact) >> Compact Layouts.

New >> Enter the label >> Add the fields to the compact layout

Click Save.

It shows the name of the layout and a list of fields to display.

Assign Compact Layout:

Click  Compact Layout Assignment .

Then Edit Assignment.

Set the Primary Compact Layout.

click Save.

If we have record types associated with an object, we can override the object’s primary compact layout and assign different compact layouts to some or all the record types.

Each record type can have only one compact layout assigned to it.

In Lightning Experience, up to the first seven fields in a compact layout appear in the highlights panel of an object record.

The field we put first displays at the top in bold.

When a user hovers over a lookup relationship field on the object record page, a highlights panel for that field displays the first five fields from the compact layout.

We can also see the same contact record in the mobile app.

In the Salesforce mobile app, the fields that we assign to a compact layout appear in:

  • An object record’s highlights area: It shows up to ten fields.
  • Expanded lookup cards on a record’s related information page: It shows the first four fields.

Compact layouts support all field types except:

  • Text area
  • Long text area
  • Rich text area
  • Multi-select picklist

Mini Page Layouts :

We can access a mini page layout from the existing page layout. The mini page layout defines the hover details that display when we mouse over a field on an object’s detail page or in the Recent Items section of the sidebar.

Go to Setup >> Customize >> Object Name >> Page Layouts >> Mini Page Layout.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ob-10.png

Move the required fields from Available to Selected.

Click Save,

Save the page layout.

Mini page layout help us to see the minimum required details to get an overview of a record, without going to the record’s detail page.

Thanks for reading….

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